Obtaining API credentials from Bigcommerce

When setting up a Bigcommerce connection in Tradebox 3 pieces of information are required from the Bigcommerce site. These are:

  • Username
  • API Path
  • API Token

These can be obtained from the Bigcommerce admin panel by navigating to Advanced Settings > Legacy API Settings > Create a Legacy API Account.


  1. Log into Bigcommerce (you may need admin permissions)
  2. Select Advanced Settings from the left hand menu
  3. Select Legacy API Settings
  4. Click on the Create a Legacy API Account button
  5. Enter a User Name
  6. Click on the Generate New Token button
  7. Take a note of the User Name, API Path and the API Token. You will need to copy these credentials into the Bigcommerce channel in Tradebox to create a connection to Bigcommerce.

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