'Sales channel name in field is blank' error

In the error log, you may receive the message 'Sales channel name in field is blank'.

Manual Amazon Report requests

If you receive the error on processing an Amazon report you've requested via the Amazon website (rather than via the Tradebox Download Scheduler), this error occurs if you've failed to tick the 'include sales channel column' option on requesting the report. This column is necessary for Tradebox to read your Amazon orders correctly.

To request the report with the column:

Amazon > Orders > Order Reports > tick include sales channel column > Set days (up to 60) > Request Report

When the report is ready, place a copy in the Amazon Input folder and choose Download within Tradebox.


Unwanted files in Input folder

This error can also occur if you have unnecessary files in your Input folder for your sales channel. Anything that Tradebox doesn't recognise being stored in the Input folder could cause it to ignore valid files, so we recommend not using the Input/Output/Shipped folders for anything other than Tradebox's own operation either via manual report request or by leaving this to the Download Scheduler.

To check your input folder, go to Sales Channels and double-click the channel. Your Input folder can be seen on the Sales Channel Details tab.

Open your Input Folder and delete any files in there. Then request the Amazon report again either via the above method or by right-clicking the Tradebox Download Scheduler and choosing Process Now. When a report is ready, ensure this is in your input folder and retry the download within Tradebox.

If you are getting this error persistently, and there are no files other than Amazon reports in your input folder, check whether you have a scheduled report set up on your Amazon Seller Central. Tradebox can download these files along with the files it has requested and this can cause disruption. You can do this by logging into Amazon Seller Central and going to Orders -> Order Reports -> Scheduled Order Report Settings.

Amazon US

If you are getting this error and you are selling on Amazon US, but not other North American sites (Canada and Mexico), this is because the Amazon US order report does not provide a sales channel in the file. This can be resolved by ticking the Ignore Marketplace Controls within the Amazon US sales channel record. Please note that this is the only situation in which we recommend using this setting, and if applied incorrectly it can cause duplication or incorrect values in Sage. If you are in doubt about whether this applies to you, please contact Tradebox support. 

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