Importing Product Mappings

Products Mappings do not have to be imported into Tradebox as the program can form these relationships as it encounters new SKUs. However, where the same product has non matching SKUs this requires intervention from the end user, which may not always be convenient and can take time. Importing the relationships in advance can often save time. Read the Product Mapping in TBv1 article for more information.

The Product Mapping Import Template article provides an overview of the import file as well as an example template CSV file.

Prior to importing Product Mappings you will need to ensure that you have created products in Tradebox first. 

To import mappings go to the Product section of the software and select the Mapping button from the top of the screen. This will generate the following screen:

Select the Sales Channel you wish to import the mappings against from the drop down list and then choose the Import button at the bottom of the screen. This will generate the following Prompt Screen:

Navigate to the import File, tell Tradebox if the file has column headers and then choose OK. The product mappings will be displayed in the grid:

After importing the file you can edit or delete the established mappings using the controls at the bottom of the screen.



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