Importing Product Records - From Sales Channel

Products can be imported into Tradebox from:

This article deals with importing Product Records from an existing Sales Channel (Magento). This method can only be used for specific channels, usually where the connection is done via an API.

  • From with the Products section, choose the Import button at the top of the screen. This will generate the following input screen:

  • From the Source drop down list choose the Sales Channel Name you wish to import the product records from.
  • If the product SKUs from the online sales channel already exist in Tradebox choose whether to Update Existing Records and/or whether to Update Quantities by ticking the check boxes. Then choose OK.
  • The number of Products being imported will dictate the time the import will take. A CSV File import is always the quickest option.


Once the products have been imported you may wish to import a Sage Product Mapping File. This informs Tradebox of the relationship (mapping) between the Tradebox Product and the Sage Product.

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