Importing Product Records - From Sales Channel

Products can be imported into Tradebox from:

This article deals with importing Product Records from an existing Sales Channel. This method only applies to eBay, Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop or Magento channels. If you're running with stock control in Sage Accounts, you should import your products from Sage following this guide instead.

  • From the Products screen, choose the Import button at the top of the screen. This will generate the following input screen:

  • From the Source drop down list choose the Sales Channel you wish to import the product records from.
  • If some or all of the product SKUs from the online sales channel already exist in Tradebox choose whether to Update Existing Records; if any fields such as the descriptions or dimensions have changed on the marketplace these changes will be pulled to the product list in Tradebox.

When you're ready to start the import, click OK.

Note: This may take some time, and some marketplaces are notably slow at this. If you have a big product list a CSV import of products is almost certainly quicker. 

If you're using Tradebox to link to your Sage Accounts products, you may wish to import a Sage Product Mapping File after importing marketplace products. This informs Tradebox of the relationship (mapping) between the Tradebox Product and the Sage Product. You can also choose to action the product mapping ad hoc the first time Tradebox handles a sale of each product (and this will happen automatically if your online SKUs are identical to your Sage product codes), though products are only eligible for stock upload once they've been mapped.

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