Importing Product Records - From Sage

Products can be imported into Tradebox from:

This article deals with importing Product Records from Sage after the initial set up of Tradebox One has been completed. If you're using Tradebox for Sage integration and have products set up in Sage, importing from Sage is the correct method to ensure your products are set up correctly.

Note - The product import from Sage can take some time. Many of our users have large product lists; we've timed an import of 1,000 product records from local Sage data at around 20 minutes though it's not as straightforward as extrapolating x seconds per product.

To start with you will need to ensure that Sage is installed on the PC you are using, Sage 3rd Party Integration has been enabled and that you have created the two additional Sage user logons for Tradebox.

From within the Products section, choose the Import button at the top of the screen. This will generate the following input screen:


From the Source drop down list choose 'Sage'.

  • If some or all of the products in Sage already exist in Tradebox you can choose whether to Update Existing Records. This will update the existing product records with any changes made to the product description or tax code on the Sage product record.
    • If updating existing records you can also choose whether to Update Quantities and whether this should be read from the Quantity in Stock or from the Free Stock (total in stock minus total currently allocated to orders); both of these are taken directly from the Sage product record.
  • If Create Bundles from BOMs is ticked, Tradebox will create the product records as bundles composed of the subcomponents from the Bill of Materials tab of the Sage product record. A product that is set as a bundle cannot be added to another bundle - if the import finds such a product a line is written to the error log and a message box appears at the end of the import process.

Once you've chosed your import options, click OK. You'll be prompted to log in to Sage; the TBUSER logon you've created works fine though any Sage logon that's currently not in use can be used.


When you're ready to start the import, click OK.

Note - this part of the process may take some time. It's fine to leave this import running unattended. Tradebox will pop a message box once the import is complete.

Once your products have imported, you may wish to import a Product Mapping File. This informs Tradebox of the relationship (mapping) between the Sage product, the Tradebox product and the Online product. You can also choose to action the product mapping ad hoc the first time Tradebox handles a sale of each product (and this will happen automatically if your online SKUs are identical to your Sage product codes), though products are only eligible for stock upload once they've been mapped.

If you're using Sage stock control, you don't need to do the full import every time you add a few new products on Sage, as the Tradebox Data Service will automatically import these as part of its cycle. However we would recommend importing products with the method described above if you add a large number, as this will give you greater control over the process and it will be more obvious when it's complete.

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