Product Import - CSV File Structure

The following article explains the format of the CSV import file required to import products into Tradebox. A sample CSV file is attached to this article. 

The file contains the following fields:

Field   Type      Example
SKU                     Text
Description   Text   Whiteboard - Drywipe (900 x 1200)
Quantity in Stock          Number           1
Tax Code   Number*   2
Is Digital   Boolean   False
Bar Code   Text   EAN8903712116
Image      Text   C:\Users\Default\Pictures\BOARD001
Inactive   Boolean   False
Location   Text   Warehouse A1
Product Type   Number   0 (Stock), 1 (Non Stock)
Sales Price   Number   20.95
Re-Order Level   Number   15

 Of these fields, only SKU and Description are mandatory, but the import file must contain column headers.

The 'Importing Product Records - CSV File Method' explains how to import the product records.

*Default Tradebox tax codes: 1 Zero Rated; 2 Standard Rated (currently 20%); 3 EU B2B Sales; 4 Non Vatable; 5 Reduced Rate (currently 5%).


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