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Tradebox connects to Amazon via API, using your MWS (Marketplace Web Services) credentials which Amazon provide. You will need to retrieve your Amazon MWS credentials before you can complete the set up process for Amazon. See our guide for help with this. Note that MWS credentials are only available to registered Amazon Sellers. For more information on MWS, see Amazon's MWS FAQ.

Creating the Sales Channel

Launch the New Sales Channel Wizard via Channels > New

The wizard will take you through the necessary steps to create your channel. All options can be later amended via Channels > Edit

Marketplace Details

Choose Amazon as your Marketplace if you wish Tradebox to download your Merchant sales. Alternatively, for Fulfilled By Amazon sales, choose Amazon FBA. Click Next.

Note - the need for separate channels for Merchant and FBA orders represents a change from Tradebox Finance Manager, where this was best practice for most users as it allowed greater automation, but wasn't mandatory. As Tradebox One features a full API connection to Amazon with more options, separation of Merchant and FBA orders at the channel level is mandatory. If you were a Finance Manager user, be aware that this may require an upgraded licence that allows you more sales channels.

Enter a Name for the Sales Channel (max. 50 characters). This is a label purely for you to identify the channel and can be amended at any time. Choose your Marketplace from the drop-down and your Currency will be automatically populated. Choose your Order Type; Tradebox can differentiate between customer orders and Amazon Business orders; if you sell on Amazon Business you may wish to create a separate sales channel purely for those sales in order to set options like using individual customer records in Sage, or have EU sales treated as B2B. Click Next.


MWS Connection Details

Complete your Seller ID, Marketplace ID and Auth. Token as provided by Amazon. We recommend copying and pasting the credentials to avoid any typos.
The Developer Account Number is provided by Tradebox and should be pre-populated as 2269-3644-0136 for Amazon Europe marketplaces including the UK. Overtype this with 8511-8541-5489 for Amazon North America.


If you don’t have your MWS credentials already, the Get MWS Connection Details button will open a link to our guide; follow the instructions within your Amazon account to get your credentials. Once your MWS credentials are populated within Tradebox, click Next.




Billing Addresses

Whilst Amazon presents Tradebox with a billing name and a recipient name for each order, the program is only presented with one address which is the shipping address. Regardless of which option is chosen in this screen, if the billing name and recipient name are the same, Tradebox will create the order using the Amazon shipping address as the billing address. Where the buyer and the recipient are not the same person, Tradebox gives two options for the address of the order:

  • If the first option is chosen, an order billed to John with Phil as the recipient would be created in Tradebox with no billing address. The only billing field populated would be the name.
  • If the second option is chosen, an order billed to John with Phil as the recipient would be created in Tradebox with the only available address as the billing address, i.e. billing details will show as John's name but Phil’s address.

Any of the address fields can be later amended on an existing order via Orders Edit.


Carrier Options

Tradebox gives the option to choose default carriers from a list provided by Amazon. Choosing default carriers is an optional task, though you'll need to choose them if you wish to use Tradebox to mark items as shipped on Amazon.

Choose your defaults for Standard Carrier, Expedited Carrier and International Carrier from the drop-down menu.

Note – if choosing ‘Other’ you’ll then need to choose the Carrier Name from the second drop-down that appears, much the same as if you were dispatching through the Amazon website.

Click Next to continue.

Product Details

The Map existing Product Records tick box is unticked by default. If ticked, Tradebox will automatically create a mapping between existing product records in the Products module and the items on orders as they’re downloaded. This automatic mapping will only be created where the SKU in the Tradebox product record and the Online SKU on the order are the same. Existing mappings can be amended and new mappings created at any time via Products > Mapping

The Import Product Details tick box is unticked by default. If ticked, Tradebox will allow you to import a CSV file containing product details. This is a quick way to batch-create Product Records in Tradebox that match the list of products on your marketplace. Click the […] button > browse to and select your file > Open. The expected file structure for product imports can be seen below.


Note - CSV files will display header fields followed by data fields, so on viewing the file in Excel headers should occupy row 1, with product data in row 2 onwards.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.


Once the Sales Channel wizard is complete you can add more settings and adjust existing settings inside the channel record. For more information see the channel configuration article for either:

Amazon Merchant


Fulfilled by Amazon


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