Download And Upload Options

Choosing Download and Upload Options

Once a sales channel has been set up, the user should decide whether they want Tradebox to simply download orders or also upload stock levels back to the marketplaces. Please note the upload option is not available for channels using CSV file import.

By default, both download and upload are turned off when the channel is created. This allows you time to refine your settings within the channel before Tradebox begins processing orders. To turn the channel on and enable downloads, click on the Activate button in the sales channel list. You will then see that the button changes to Deactivate. Clicking this will turn the channel off again entirely. 

By default, Tradebox is set to download all orders for 7 days. This cannot be decreased, but can be increased to a maximum of 30 days by altering the Download Days setting in Configuration -> Preferences. Note that this does not apply to channels importing from a CSV. For information on how to control the dates downloaded from a CSV, see the CSV channel configuration guide.


Manual vs Automated Uploads

If uploads are also required, double click on the required sales channel in the Channels screen and tick the Upload Stock Levels box, then click Save. You can toggle both Downloads and Uploads on and off in this screen by ticking and unticking the Upload Stock Levels and Download Orders boxes. 

The default behaviour, when upload quantities in stock is ticked in the sales channel record, is for the quantity upload to be performed manually by clicking the Upload Quantities button in the Products Module. 

This is useful if you want more control over the uploads, or if, for example, you are using Sage stock control and want to make sure the ledgers are updated before the upload takes place (Tradebox can also do this automatically). The Upload Stock Levels box must be ticked in each sales channel that you want to upload quantities for before selecting the Upload Quantities option, as any channel where this is unticked will be excluded from the upload. If you would prefer the upload to be done automatically by the Tradebox Data Service, then in Configuration -> Preferences, you can turn off the option to Allow Manual Qty. Upload. The upload will then take place automatically as part of the service loop. We recommend reading this article in full and making sure all other settings are configured before turning on automated uploads.


Preparation For Uploading

When uploading stock levels, Tradebox can either take the stock levels from its own database, or use the Sage free stock levels. You will be prompted to choose this option during the opening set up of Tradebox, but it can be changed at any time by going to Configuration > Preferences and changing the Inventory: Get Products From option. 


The upload process requires your products to be set up in Tradebox, and, if using Sage stock control, also in Sage. Additionally product mapping must be in place before the uploads can take place. The products can be imported into Tradebox in a number of different ways:

Product Mapping can also be imported from a CSV file. To upload products for eBay, an additional field is required, which is the eBay Listing ID.

The eBay listing ID is a unique identifier applied to each listing on eBay. The listing ID will be automatically populated if Tradebox creates product records from eBay, you can do this in bulk at any time by importing products from ebay and ticking to update existing records. Unlike other marketplaces, eBay will allow you to use the same sku on multiple listings with different descriptions. Tradebox does not support stock upload of non-unique skus to ebay; if you wish to upload stock, as a workaround you should ensure that each listing contains a unique sku/custom label.

BOM Products and Quantity Multipliers

If using BOM products in Sage, the quantity uploaded will be from the free stock level of the BOM stock code, not the available quantity to make up. If you are using the quantity multiplier feature, and wish this to be taken into account during the upload, tick the Apply Quantity Multiplier to Upload box in Configuration > Preferences as shown here:


Tradebox will then divide the accounts/Tradebox quantity in stock by the Quantity Multiplier and pass that figure up to the marketplace. Please note that if the figure in stock does not divide exactly, then it will be rounded down, e.g. a quantity in stock of 23 with a multiplier of 4 will pass a value of 5 to the marketplace. 

Refining Your Settings

Once you have decided whether to choose automated or manual uploads, and have got all your products and product mappings set up, there are a number of additional options on a per product and per channel basis.



Upload Negative Quantities as Zero: This setting is used if you are uploading stock levels and allow your stock, either from Sage or in Tradebox itself, to go into negative quantities. Some marketplaces cannot accept negative stock levels, so if this option is ticked any negative stock levels will be treated as though they are zero.

The Use 'Out of Stock' option applies specifically to eBay channels, and appears in the sales channel details screen where applicable. This requires you to have the out-of-stock option enabled on eBay. If this option is enabled on your eBay account and the box is ticked in Tradebox, when a product falls to a stock level of zero Tradebox will upload the zero value which will mark the product as out of stock on eBay. Do not select the Use 'Out of Stock' Option unless you have enabled this feature on your eBay account. If the option is not selected, Tradebox will not upload zero quantities as this would end your eBay listing. 



Fixed Quantity Uploads

In certain situations, you may wish to set a specific product to always upload the same quantity to your channels. This can be configured for each channel individually, allowing you to set different figures depending on where the product is being sold. These settings are held in the Product Record for the individual product, in the Product section of Tradebox. 

Select the Channels tab within the product record. Double clicking on a channel allows you to add a fixed quantity amount, and, for eBay, an eBay listing ID. Once set, this quantity will always be uploaded to the specified channel until it's changed. This screen also displays the Last Upload Quantity and the date of the Last Upload. Tradebox will only include a product in the upload if the quantity currently in stock is different from the last upload quantity, so any products where the stock quantity has not changed are automatically excluded.

Maximum Quantity To Upload

You may wish to specify a maximum quantity of each product to upload, for example if your marketplace carries a limit on listed value per store and your real-life stock value exceeds this. You can set max upload quantities per-product-per-channel, or globally across all products. A max upload quantity of 0 indicates that the option is not being used; note that this option cannot be used to upload zero quantities or to turn off uploads.

Tradebox has a global Maximum Upload Quantity in Configuration > Preferences. If you wish to apply this, enter your value and Save. To disable this later, set the value back to 0.

In Products > Upload Options, you can set a max upload quantity per individual product, and this is per sales channel. If you wish to set either a max upload quantity or a fixed upload quantity across a large number of products/channels, you may wish to import these options from a spreadsheet instead.

Note - where multiple settings are applied to your dataset, the following order of priority is used: Fixed Quantity overrides Maximum Upload Quantity per product; either of these override the global Maximum Upload Quantity.

Excluding Products from Upload

If you would like to exclude specific products from the upload entirely, while retaining the ability to upload for the channel as a whole, there are two ways to do this. Firstly, if there are a small number of products to exclude, you can do this within the Channels section of the Product Record screen on a product-by-product and channel-by-channel basis. Double clicking on a given channel will open up a pop up box that allows you to tick the Exclude from Upload option. Selecting this and clicking OK will exclude that product from the upload for the specified channel.

If you have many products to exclude, it can also be done by selecting the relevant products in the Products screen, and clicking on the Upload Options button.

This allows you to exclude multiple products from the upload on a channel-by-channel basis. If all selected products need to be excluded, you can click on the Swap button at the bottom and then Save to exclude all selected products in one go.



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