Product Mapping Methodology for Sage

During the Accounts Link set up process, the user has the option to choose a Product Mapping Basis for the link between products in Tradebox and products in Sage.

The choices available are SKU and Product Description. SKU will link based on stock codes, whereas Product Description will map your online description of the product to the Sage description.

SKU is the recommended setting, as it is less likely to change and is required for some features in Tradebox to work. If Product Description is chosen, the ability to upload stock levels back to the marketplace will not be available, nor will the option to have Tradebox create product records as both of these features require a SKU. However, if you are downloading from a site where SKU is an optional field and you do not wish to set them up, description can be used to map products.

Note - for eBay connections, Custom Label is used in place of SKU and provides the same functionality.

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