Testing Tradebox with Sage Practice Company

Many new users wish to test Tradebox in a safe test environment whilst becoming familiar with it. The best way to do this is to point Tradebox at your Sage Practice Company. To make the test environment as realistic as possible you can copy your live Sage Company data into the Sage Practice Company folder. This article provides step by step instructions on how to do this.


Copying live Sage data into Sage Practice Company folder

Every Sage installation comes with a set of Practice Data which is held locally in a folder on the computer's C: drive. Copying your live Sage data into this folder allows you to test Tradebox with your actual company data in a safe test environment. Your live Sage data will remain unaffected by any changes made in the Practice Company.

Note - we do not recommend copying live Sage Drive companies into the practice company. If you're unsure, go to Help - About within Sage. If your version number is lower than 21, it is safe to proceed. In v21 or higher, check the Sage Drive Information section at the bottom of the screen. If your last communication time and dataset ID show 'N/A' then your company is not connected to Sage Drive and it is safe to proceed.

Follow these steps to copy your live data into the practice company: 

  1. Take a back up of Sage
  2. Ensure no other users are logged into Sage (View - User List)
  3. Select Help - About. Under Program Details click on the Data Directory folder location. This will take you to the folder on your PC/Network that contains your live Sage data. e.g. C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\2016\Company.000\ACCDATA. Your path may be different but will always end in a folder called ACCDATA. Browse up one level to the parent directory of this folder, so you can see the ACCDATA folder itself
  4. Close Sage
  5. Within the parent directory of your Sage data folder, right-click on the ACCDATA folder and choose Copy
  6. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\20xx\Practice where 20xx is the most recent year folder present within the Accounts folder (if using Sage v23, it'll be 2017). Within the Practice folder you'll see another ACCDATA folder, which is the Sage practice data. Right-click on this ACCDATA and rename it to ACCDATAold
  7. Paste the ACCDATA folder you copied in Step 5 into the Practice folder
  8. When you log into your Sage Practice Company you will now see a copy of your live Sage data


The Sage practice company is identical to a live Sage company in most respects. On opening, Sage will ask whether you want to start a new practice session or continue your last one. Always choose to continue the last session when testing Tradebox. Any user logons that exist in your live Sage at the point you follow these steps will be valid for the practice company. A handful of tasks are blocked in practice data e.g. backup/restore and printing invoices.

Once your live data is safely copied into the Sage Practice Company folder you will need to configure Sage to use with Tradebox.

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