Removal of Sage Instant Accounts Pricing

With effect from 22nd April 2016, Tradebox will no longer be providing a discounted subscription plan for Sage Instant Accounts users. Existing customers, subscribed to an Instant Accounts plan, will be allowed to continue renewals at the discontinued Instant Accounts rate until 30th April 2017. After this time all renewals will be at the standard rate.


The new subscription tariffs

The new subscription rate is the same rate as currently enjoyed by all Sage 50 users. These rates have NOT changed. However, we are removing all reference to which version of Sage is used from our subscription plans. Going forward these will be entirely based upon how many channels are required in the software to integrate the Tradebox software with the user's marketplaces or ecommerce websites. These rates can be viewed at


Why are we doing this?

The pricing structure employed by Tradebox has historically taken into account the version of Sage Accounts used because of the significant differences in functionality between Sage Instant and Sage 50. This impacted on the levels of functionality we could provide Sage Instant Accounts users against the levels of functionality we could provide Sage 50 users. However, for a number of years now these differences have become less and less as Sage have modularised features from Sage 50 and offered them to Sage Instant users. This approach by Sage has finally culminated in the removal of Sage Instant as a product entirely which has been replaced by Sage 50 Accounts Essentials.

Going forward, the next generation of Tradebox software will provide accounts integration for multiple accounts packages, not just Sage Accounts. Tradebox pricing based upon which version of Sage is used has effectively become redundant. All pricing of Tradebox will be based solely on the number of channels required to be created within the Tradebox program to successfully connect the software to the user's marketplaces and ecommerce websites. There are no restrictions based upon the number of users, orders or products. In addition, all users of the software have access to full support.

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