Labels allows the user to create Avery standard labels.

The labels can adjusted by the following criteria:

  • Label Type changes the number labels which appear on the page. This can be either 14 or 21 labels.
  • Font changes the font of the labels.
  • Output changes whether the labels are printed or sent to a preview first.
  • Start Label is used when a label sheet has partially been used.
  • Channel allows the user to choose which sales channel the label relates to.
  • Buyer allows the user to select a certain buyer or range of buyers for the labels.
  • Sale ID allows the label for a specific order or order range to printed.
  • Download is the date the order was downloaded by Tradebox.
  • Include previously printed items will include orders which have already had the labels printed by Tradebox.

Discard resets any of the settings to their default state. 

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