Packing List

This option creates a Packing list, which is a breakdown of the items required to fulfill each order. 

The data that appears in the list can be adjusted by the following criteria:

Sales Channel can limit the packing list to one or a group of sales channels. 

Download Date limits to the packing list to just orders that have been downloaded by Tradebox on a given date or date range.

Order Date  limits to the packing list to just orders that were placed on a given date or date range.

Show Online SKU includes the online SKU of a product on the packing list. 

Show Online Description includes the online description of each product on the packing list.

Show Mapped Image includes any images mapped in the product mapping table. 

Include Previous items includes items which have previously been included on a packing list on the packing list. By default only new items are included on the packing list. 

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