Each time Tradebox runs a download it creates two log files which record all the processes that the program has performed. Additionally if an eBay sales channel is set up in the software, an eBay log is created which records the information Tradebox receives from eBay. These records can be accessed by clicking on Logs under Information.

The Process and Error logs appear in descending date order, with the earliest at the top. Clicking on any given log will show the information recorded in the Details pane below the list of log files.

The Delete function at the bottom of the page can be used to delete a particular file.

eBay Log will open the log recording the last download from eBay, if an eBay channel exists in the software.

Print allows the user to print the logs.

Open Folder will open the folder containing all of the log files.

Purge will delete all of the log files from the user's PC.

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