Treat All Sales as Pending

If a user does not want their orders to be posted to Sage immediately on download, these orders can be trapped within Tradebox by using the Treat All Sales as Pending tick box within the Sales Channel Record.

This means that orders will download into Tradebox but will not be posted to Sage until the Pending flag is released.

To do this, the user must click on Orders under Information, select the sales channel required, and then select Pending from the Type drop down box.

This will then generate a list of pending orders, from which the user can select the orders they wish to post across to Sage. Once the orders have been selected, clicking Mark OK from the buttons at the bottom of the page will allow the orders to be posted to Sage. To post the orders immediately, select Post to Sage from under the Operations menu. Otherwise the orders will be posted on the next download.

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