The Backup option allows the user to create a backup of their Tradebox data and settings. It is particularly useful when relocating Tradebox to a new PC.

It is recommended to select all files when taking a backup. The minimum requirement is that the Data and Token files are selected as this will include all of the files necessary for Tradebox to run a download or any other operation. If the Log files option is selected the backup will include all of the information stored by Tradebox on previous downloads run. The Layout files option means that any changes to the Tradebox order grid layouts will also be included in the backup. 

The File Name and Folder Name options can be changed by the user. They allow the user to choose the name of the backup file and where the backup file is saved.

When selected the automatically backup on program exit option will create a new backup file each time the program is closed down.  

It is important to take regular backups as this allows the user to restore Tradebox to an earlier point in time and covers you against any potential issues.

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