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This article explains the information contained within the Support page of the program which can be accessed by selecting Support from within the Business menu or by selecting Support from the top right hand corner of the program.

The support page is split into sections with different information, as follows:

Program Information

This section provides;

The version number of the software installed, for example Version 7.0.60119.0. The version number shows the date the version installed was published where 60119 equals 19/01/2016.

The user's serial number, e.g. TN123456.

The type of licence the user is subscribed to, e.g. 5 Channel version.

The software licence expiry date.


Technical Support

This section contains contact information and times for the Tradebox helpdesk, as well as links to the Tradebox online Help Centre.



This section provides a click through to the location or paths of the Tradebox Installation folder, Data folder and Logs folder on the user's PC or network. :

Installation Folder

The location the program is installed upon on the local PC. By default the program is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tradebox\Tradebox Finance Manager, or, C:\Program Files \Tradebox\Tradebox Finance Manager, where the operating system is 32 bit.

Data Folder

This is the location where the Tradebox data is held. This should always be in a separate directory than the Installation Folder. By default the Data Folder is installed in C:\ProgramData\Platform One\Tradebox. However, this folder can be moved to a different location on the PC or network which is common when networking Tradebox.

Logs Folder

This folder contains a list of daily error logs and operations logs. The log files are created in in Text Document format and are named using a reverse date format, i.e. 20160116 would equal 16/01/2016. The error logs end in the extension BAD and the Operations logs end in the extension LOG.


Guides and Tutorials

This section contains links to:


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions an d resolves to the Common Issues and Errors section of the Help Centre which contains articles addressing the most commonly encountered issues.


This links to Tradebox's Youtube account which contains all of the tutorial videos for the software.


This link populates a pop up list of written guides for each channel the software integrates with.


Action Buttons

This section contains 6 buttons that allow specific actions to take place as follows:

Upload Database

When selected this option will immediately commence uploading the program's database to the Tradebox FTP. This is usually done when requested by the Tradebox support team as part of an ongoing support issue where the team need to retrieve the database to inspect the user's Tradebox settings or the database itself. This option should NOT be chosen unless directed by the Tradebox support team.

Upload Backup

A similar process to Upload Database. In this circumstance the program takes a full backup of the program and uploads this to the Tradebox FTP, rather than just the database. The backup contains the database as well as other ancillary files which will be required as part of the support investigation. This option should NOT be chosen unless directed by the Tradebox support team.

Open Sage Company File

The Sage Company File is a simple text file that is created by the Sage Accounts program and stored on every individual PC that Sage Accounts in installed upon. The file simply contains the data path to each company dataset in Sage and allows both Sage and Tradebox to understand where the Sage data is located on the PC or network for each Sage company.

Download Database

This option will look for a database on the Tradebox FTP that has a matching serial number and download it into the Data Folder on the user's PC or network, overwriting their existing database. This procedure should only be done under when requested by the Tradebox support team. Usually this procedure is carried out after a database has been previously uploaded and then repaired.

Repair & Compact

This option allows the Tradebox database to be optimised for size and efficiency. It is recommended that this function is ran regularly. The Tradebox support team will usually request that users run a Repair & Compact prior to running any uploads of the database or backups. Often running a Repair & Compact will improve the performance of the program and overcome minor issues. If sales data is deleted from Tradebox or archived then this procedure should be ran.

Cleanse Data Folder

This option removes any unnecessary files from the Data Folder. This is usually performed after deleting a Sales Channel.


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