Installing Tradebox Finance Manager for the first time

These instructions are for users installing Tradebox on their PC for the first time. If you already have Tradebox installed on your PC, please read the article which contains instructions for upgrading.

Note - as of June 2017, Tradebox is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. Supported operating systems are Windows 7/8/10.

  1. To download Tradebox click on the following link; (64MB).
  2. Once you have downloaded Tradebox, allow the Tradeboxsetup.exe to run.
  3. Click on the Unzip button in the box generated and walk through the installation wizard.
  4. When the wizard has finished click on: Start – Programs – Tradebox – Tradebox Finance Manager to run the application.



In advance of using Tradebox, please ensure you have prepared your Sage accountancy software for integration with Tradebox. Helpful advice can be found in the Configuring Sage for use with Tradebox article. 

If you are installing Tradebox for the first time please visit the Video's & Guides section of the Marketplace you wish to integrate with on the Tradebox website. We would highly recommend watching the 'Configuring Sage Accounts' video before you get started, as well as the marketplace 'Integration' video which will give you a full step by step walk-through. For best viewing watch these videos on YouTube in 720 HD.


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