Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping is used to mark items as dispatched on Amazon as well as upload tracking numbers. This can only be used if there is a Amazon sales channel set up.   


When the Amazon shipping option is selected the above box appears in order to select the Amazon sales that need to be marked as dispatched:

  • Channel filters the sales to just a single Amazon connection.
  • Date From and Date To apply a date filter to the Amazon orders which appear.
  • Get Tracking numbers from Sage retrieves the Tracking number from the consignment no field in Sage for given orders. 
  • Limit Shipping Date stops orders from being marked as dispatched if the ship date is over X number of days after the orders date.

Once you click OK a list of Amazon orders, which meet the criteria, will be generated which can then be marked as dispatched. For instructions on how to complete this grid please look at the Amazon integration PDF (Page 38) or the Amazon integration video

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