Manual Order Entry

The Manual order entry option allows the user to manually enter an order into Tradebox and at which point Tradebox would then transfer this order to Sage.In order to use the manual order entry option the user first needs to set up a manual order entry sales channel by clicking on New sales channel under configuration

The top half of the window is used for the customers address details. The Billing and Shipping address can be entered separately or the Use Billing details option can be selected to copy the Billing address into the Shipping address. The order number, date and who the order was taken by can also be entered in the top half.

The bottom half of the window has 4 tabs where additional information about the order can be entered.

  • Product details can be entered in the Order lines section.The product purchased, quantity purchased, unit price and tax code can all be selected in this screen. 
  • Payment Method allows the user to choose the payment method used for this order, ie credit card or bank transfer. These can be set up by going to the payment mapping screen of the sales channel record.
  • Shipping Method allows the user to select the shipping method and shipping cost of the order.
  • Notes allows for any additional notes to be added to the order. 

The other options in the window do the following:

  • Delete Line removes the selected line in the order line section.
  • Save saves a copy of the order to be downloaded but the window stays open for further orders to be entered.
  • Save and close saves a copy of the order to be download and closes the manual order entry window.
  • Clear deletes all the entered information.
  • Recall allows you to load any order which has been saved but not downloaded and make changes to the order. 

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