The Search function under Information enables the user to search for a specific order based on a number of different criteria.

Buyer ID: A unique buyer reference that appears under the column eBay account ID when viewing an order in Tradebox.

Billing Name: The billing name under which the order was placed.

Billing Postcode: The postcode of the customer's billing address.

Delivery Name: The name given for delivery on the order.

Delivery Postcode: The postcode on the delivery address.

Telephone Number: The telephone number provided on the order.

Order ID: The unique order reference for the order (used for all sales channels except eBay).

Sage Number: The number of the invoice or sales order that Tradebox created in Sage for the order.

SMP Rec.No (eBay): Otherwise known as Sales Record Number. This is the unique reference from eBay that Tradebox uses to distinguish the orders, rather than an order ID.

Item ID (eBay): The unique reference for a particular item on eBay.

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