Rebuild Data

Rebuild Data is a quick and easy way to delete large amounts of data from Tradebox.

Clicking on the Sales Channel drop-down allows for the deletion of data to be limited to one specific sales channel or all of the users sales channels.

There are several different options for deleting data. The options are:

  • Sales channels deletes the entire sales channel and all the associated data.
  • Downloaded Orders deletes all of the orders in the Tradebox database.
  • Product mappings deletes the relationships between the online products and Sage products.
  • Customer Account Mappings deletes the relationships between the online customer and the respective Sage customer accounts.
  • Shipping Method Mappings deletes the relationships between the different online shipping methods and the Sage nominal codes they are allocated to. Shipping methods can also be mapped to Sage products in which case these mappings would also be deleted.
  • Payment Method Mappings deletes the relationships between the online payment methods and Sage bank accounts they are allocated to.
  • Fees deletes all of the selling fees that have been downloaded by Tradebox. This is only applicable to Ebay, Amazon and Paypal sales channels.
  • Paypal Payments deletes all the payments out of your Paypal account that have been downloaded. Paypal Payments are only downloaded through a direct Paypal connection.

This option is not reversible so it is worth taking a backup before running. 

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