The Fees feature under Information is where the user can view and post fees that have been downloaded into Tradebox.

Tradebox can process fees from eBay, Paypal and Amazon. These are not posted to Sage automatically, but are kept within Tradebox until the user opts to post them to Sage from within the Fees section of Tradebox. Once the fees have been downloaded into Tradebox, clicking on the Fees option and selecting the sales channel required will allow the user to view a list of fees for that sales channel.

The Selling Fees grid displays a list of the fees, including the date, transaction ID, the details of the item ordered, the type of fee, the amount, and whether the fee has already been posted to Sage. It also includes a cumulative total of the fees displayed.

At the bottom of the grid there are a number of buttons.

Clicking on Search generates a pop up box which allows you to filter the fees by whether they have been posted to Sage, by date, or, if applicable, by whether they are eBay or Paypal fees.

The Swap button will reverse any selections that have been made.

Clear removes any selected fees.

Reset will remove the Posted flag from the selected fee and allow it to be posted to Sage for a second time.

Delete will erase any selected fees from the list. This could result in the fee being downloaded and posted to Sage for a second time.

Export will produce an excel spreadsheet of the entire fee grid.

Post to Sage will allow the user to post any selected fees over to Sage accounts, where they will be registered against the bank accounts and nominal codes specified within the Selling Fees section of the Sales Channel Record.

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