Export Data

Export Data allows for order details and other information to be exported from the Tradebox database into a CSV file. This option works in conjunction with the Export File Format option, details of which can be found here.

The Export layout file allows the user to choose the information which appears in the export CSV, the layout file is created through the Export File Format option.

Output file allows the user to determine the name of the file, to choose where the file is saved click on the ... box.

The file can be filtered to only include orders from a given data range entered in the sale date options. The sale date is the order date provided by the online marketplace not the date the order was downloaded by tradebox.

By clicking include previously exported records Tradebox will include all the orders that meet the export criteria not just the orders which have not been exported before.

Add column headers adds headings to each column. When selected the first line of the CSV file will contain a description of the information in that column, such as order ID or Quantity.

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