Clear Order History

The Clear Order History option allows for the deletion of all the orders in the Tradebox database up until a particular date. This will improve performance and we recommend performing this task periodically, especially if Tradebox is running slow, hanging or throwing errors like out of memory or resource exceeded.

If orders from before this date are presented to Tradebox again it is likely these would be imported again, as such it is recommended that you do not choose a date from within the last 30 days (or 60 if you import from Amazon). If you run a CSV import into Tradebox, make sure your clear order date is earlier than any orders that will appear in your order file(s).

Once the option has completed all the orders that have been deleted from the database will no longer be included in any of the analysis figures in Tradebox. If you use any of the analysis figures in Tradebox then run the Archive Order History option instead - Archiving the orders doesn't affect analysis, though you may see a greater improvement in performance by clearing the order history.  


To clear your order history

1. Take a backup (Maintenance Backup).

2. Under the Maintenance header from the left-hand menu, choose Clear Order History. The option will default to 30 days ago, amend this as necessary. Click OK.

3. A progress bar and message will indicate once clear has completed.

4. Go to Support. Run Repair & Compact from the box on the right of the support page.

5. Once that completes, run Cleanse Data Folder from the box on the right of the support page.


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