This article explains the information contained within the program Dashboard which can be accessed by selecting the Dashboard link from within the Business menu.

Tradebox can be configured so that the Dashboard is the 'welcome' screen when opening Tradebox. This is done by choosing Settings in the Configuration menu, choosing the Dashboard tab and ticking the Show on Start Up box.

Having the Dashboard as the 'welcome' screen can have an impact on the time it takes to open the program. It is recommended that the dashboard is NOT chosen as the welcome screen.

The Dashboard is split into the following sections:


Import Summary

This section contains an overview of total orders and sales and includes:

Orders Downloaded: Total number of orders downloaded

Pending Orders: Orders that have been downloaded but marked as 'pending' preventing them from being sent to Sage.

Total Sales: Total gross sales turnover, excluding any carriage income.

Total Carriage: Total gross carriage income.

Total Fees: Where applicable, the total cost of fees imported.



This section contains an overview of customers, detailing:

  • Number of unique customers
  • The name of the top customer, with click through link to their customer record.
  • Number of items purchased by the top customer
  • Value of items purchased by top customer
  • Last date of purchase made by top customer


Tradebox Messages

This section displays the last message published by Tradebox with a click through to the messages screen.


Best Selling Products

The Best Selling Products grid displays the specified number of top selling products, based on units sold, across all sales channels. The number of products displayed in the grid is controlled by choosing Settings in the Configuration menu, choosing the Dashboard tab and entering the number required in the Best Sellers box. The grid shows the Sage stock code, the product description, the total quantity sold and the total value sold. Double clicking on an entry will display the products performance in a graph.


Sales Analysis Summary

The Sales Analysis Summary section shows the turnover from the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 365 days.

The Last 90 Days bar graph displays the turnover in 30 day cycles; the last 0-30 days, 31-60 days and 61-90 days, or the last 3 months trading.

The 3D pie chart shows the split in all turnover from each sales channel in the software.


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