Magento API setup instructions - SOAP/XML

Tradebox connects with Magento via Magento's API (Application Programming Interface) which needs to be setup in the Magento admin panel prior to creating a connection in Tradebox. The Magento API is a standard feature of the Magento infrastructure so doesn't need to be added or installed by a developer. In fact it's pretty easy to do and can be achieved in a couple of minutes.


There are 2 types of Magento API:

  2. REST (Magento V1.7.0 onwards)

This article covers the SOAP/XML configuration.


Creating a SOAP/XML Role

  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Roles
  2. Choose Add New Role
  3. In the Role Info tab create a Role Name and choose Save Role
  4. In the Role Resources tab change the Resource Access drop down option to ALL and then choose Save Role


Creating a SOAP/XML User

  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Users
  2. Choose Add New User
  3. Fill out the Account Information form generated. Both the User Name and the API Key are created by you. You will need both of these when setting up the connection in Tradebox.
  4. Then choose Save User.
  5. In the User Role tab allocate the User to the Role (you created earlier) and then choose Save User 



Entering the Magento API details in Tradebox

  1. In the Sales Channel Setup Wizard in Tradebox you will be required to enter the API URL, the API User Name and the API Password.
  2. The API Username = User Name created in the Magento User Info screen
  3. The API Password = API Key created in the Magento User Info screen
  4. The API URL is simply your home page followed by /api/xmlrpc. It may be helpful to copy the Home URL and then simply add /api/xmlrpc.
  5. Choose the Test Connection button to confirm the credentials are correct. If this throws an error double check the username and password are correct and in the correct case.
  6. Sometimes you may need to add index.php after the URL but before xml/rpc, so for example the API URL would read, http://www.yourwebsite/index.php/api/xmlrpc.


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