Amazon FBA Order Report Restrictions


Tradebox Finance Manager integrates with Amazon using Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) and utilises this service to request and download orders that can then be read locally and processed into Sage. All Amazon orders (Marketplace & FBA) are delivered in text files and include all orders that have achieved a status of PAID in the last 7 days. Tradebox reads these files from a local IN folder, imports only new orders and then moves the read file into the local OUT folder. An article explaining this integration in greater depth can be found at



There are a number of restrictions (imposed by Amazon) on how frequently 3rd parties can download FBA order reports from Amazon. Currently these restrictions have not been imposed on the request of standard Amazon Marketplace Order Reports. These restrictions are commonly known as "throttling" and are imposed by Amazon to prevent their systems becoming overloaded with requests. For MWS integrations FBA order reports can only be requested every 30 minutes. Any report request made within 30 minutes of the last request will be cancelled by Amazon. 



The restrictions on the frequency of FBA order reports via MWS are relatively new. Tradebox requests and downloads both marketplace and FBA order reports using a sub program called the 'Tradebox Scheduler' which sits in the computer's system tray (bottom right hand corner of the PC screen). By default Tradebox used to request a new 7 day order report every 30 minutes, which was in conflict with the new restrictions imposed on FBA order reports. A full description on how the scheduler works can be found at



All builds of Tradebox Finance Manager from V7.0.51022.0 (published on 22/10/2015) onwards have a minimum default download of 40 minutes. This can be downloaded and installed following instructions found at The frequency of the downloader can also be changed manually by right clicking on the Scheduler, selecting Open Scheduler - Settings and amending the download frequency.


NOTE: The scheduler provides an option to manually request a new report on demand by pressing the 'Process Now' button. The Amazon restrictions discussed will apply to requests made manually.


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