Amazon Fees - Settlement Report Flat File V2

What is the Settlement Report Flat File V2?

The Amazon Settlement Report Flat File V2 contains details of orders, promotions, refunds, fees and other transactions for your Amazon account for a given 2 week period, including the amount of money (or settlement) they owe the seller after deductions. Tradebox can read this file and extract from it Fees associated with each order and 'other-transaction' fees and credits associated with your Amazon account. These will be entered into the nominated Sage bank account as either Bank Payments (BP) or Bank Receipts (BR).


Tradebox is only compatible with the Settlement Report Flat File V2 and will not be able to read other type of Amazon fees files.


How to get the Settlement Report Flat File V2?

Before Tradebox can import the Settlement Report Flat File V2 the user needs to manually download the file from Amazon by going to  Reports > Payments > All Statements, clicking on the Download button next to the V2 report and saving it into the correct Amazon IN folder on their PC or Network.


Understanding the Settlement Report Flat File V2

The Settlement Report Flat File V2 is a text delimited file which can be read in Notepad. However, its easier to read this in Excel. To get the V2 file into Excel save a copy on your desktop and ensure that it is closed. Open Excel and from the Data menu choose 'From Text' under the Get External Data section and point at the Settlement Report Flat File V2. After importing the file you will see that all data is held in discrete columns. The transaction-type and amount-type columns describe the type of data in the row. The following table explains the data types Tradebox will import:






Order ItemPrice No Income from Amazon orders already accounted for through order import
Order Promotion No Discounts on Amazon orders already accounted for through order import
Refund ItemFees/ItemPrice No Refunds are not handled by Tradebox and should be accounted for manually. 
Order ItemFees Yes Transaction fees for each order
other-transaction Multiple Yes* Includes credits and debits for monthly costs, reimbursements, FBA fees.

* Tradebox will not import any Reserve Amounts included in the 'other-transaction' type section.





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