Amazon MWS AuthToken

To integrate Tradebox with Amazon users need to provide the following Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) credentials:

  • Seller ID
  • Marketplace ID
  • MWS Authorisation Token

These credentials are now generated in the User Permissions section of the Amazon Seller Settings page. A new email confirmation process also needs to be completed to activated the Amazon credentials. This article explains how these credentials are generated.

Only Amazon accounts that are registered as a professional selling plan are eligible to use MWS.


  1. Log into the Amazon Seller Account you wish to integrate with Tradebox and select Settings > User Permissions. If you use an Amazon Pan-European account the credentials generated can be used for each Amazon Marketplace.
  2. From the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section select the Authorise a Developer

  3. This will take you to the following page:MWS.PNG

  4. Select the middle option, "I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS". In the Application Name text box, type "Tradebox"

  5. In the Application’s Developer Account Number text box, enter the Developer Account No displayed in the Amazon Channel settings in Tradebox, i.e. 2269-3644-0136 for Europe or 8511-8541-5489 for North America.

  6. Click the Next button and accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement then click the Next button again.

  7. The next page will display your Seller ID, Marketplace ID and MWS Authorisation Token. You may wish to print these off or save them to your PC for future reference. Copy and paste the credentials from Amazon into Tradebox - they go in the Sales Channel Details page of each Amazon sales channel, in the MWS Connection section. Then choose Save & Close.


  8. A confirmation email will be sent to the admin email on the amazon account. This email needs to confirmed before the keys will become enabled.


NOTE: If you use an Amazon Europe Marketplaces Account then the credentials are identical for all European connections, including the UK. Simply generate the credentials via the Amazon UK channel in Tradebox and then copy and paste these into each Amazon European Channel.

Similarly, North American accounts also have the same credentials.

Amazon Europe Developer Key:   2269-3644-0136

Amazon North America Developer Key:   8511-8541-5489


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