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"My Orders haven't been downloaded or imported to Sage"


This is a common issue we often get reported. There are a number of reasons why Tradebox may not have downloaded your orders and these are dependent upon the connection type and the configuration of Tradebox. Before investigating 'missing' orders we ask you to go through the following checks to see if the orders actually have been downloaded.


Check in Tradebox

In Tradebox select Orders from the Information menu. This brings up a dialog box where you can apply a search. So, if the missing order is from eBay and occurred on 15th September, choose to see eBay orders only, with a Type of ALL, with a date range of 14th September to 16th September. This will present a list of all sales in a grid that meet the criteria. Can you see the missing order?


YES:   OK, this means it has been downloaded and exists in Tradebox. To determine whether it has been passed to Sage, scroll to the right of the screen until you reach a column called SAGE NO. This column contains the Sage Invoice number or Sales Order number allocated to the order when it was created in Sage. This only happens if the order was successfully passed to Sage.

If the order has a Sage No take a note of the number and try looking again in Sage in the Invoice list or Sales Order list. Try turning the filter control in the Invoice or sales order list on and off. In most cases the missing order will appear. It was always there just hidden by the filter in Sage.

If the order in Tradebox has a Sage No but isn't in Sage then there are 2 possibilities;

  • Sage data has been restored overwriting the order that was passed to Sage. In this case have a look at the 'Resending orders to Sage a 2nd time' article.
  • Alternatively, Tradebox was pointed at another Sage company at the point of import and the order resides in a different Sage company.

If the Order is in Tradebox but has a SAGE No of 0 then the order has been downloaded into Tradebox but not passed to Sage. This will be because of an issue with the order at the point of import; usually a mapping issue.

Go to the Sales Channel List and turn off all of the other connections apart from the connection with the 'missing' order. You turn off a connection by selecting it and then clicking the Switch Status button at the bottom of the screen. This will change the connections status from ON to OFF. Then choose the Post to Sage option from the Operations menu. This process will attempt to send all 'un-posted' orders in Tradebox to Sage. If there is an issue with sending the order to Sage, Tradebox will alert you by creating a red statement in the Operations Log inviting you to look in the Error Log to see what the issue is. Look in the Error Log and scroll to the bottom to see the latest error. An explanation on how to resolve each error can be found by clicking the Common Errors button.


NO:   OK, the order doesn't appear to be in Tradebox. To make absolutely sure run a search by clicking the Search option in the Information Menu. This generates a dialog box with a number of search options. Probably the best search option is the Order ID which will only look for a specific order. Select this option, copy the order number into the field and select OK. If the order appears then follow the instructions above.

If the order doesn't appear then you need to try to download it again. This is dependent on the type of connection. If the connection is an API connection, such as eBay, Rakuten, Magento, Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Powa or PayPal then Tradebox can be sent back to electronically collect the missing order. If it is an API connection then select the Settings option from the Configuration menu. On the Downloads page change the download criteria to Manually, then tick the box entitled "Always prompt for days/date to download from". Then select OK. Then select the Download option from the Operations menu. Because you have ticked the, "Always prompt for days/date to download from" box, Tradebox will ask how far back you wish to go. Send Tradebox back 2 days prior to the missing order date and then choose OK. If the order still doesn't come down check the status of the order online against the status download criteria in the channel settings.


If it is a file integration then the file containing the missing order needs to be placed back in the local IN folder. If you are downloading the file electronically via an FTP connection, or via MWS if its Amazon, you will need to generate the file manually and place it in the local IN folder. Please ensure that you tick the 'Disable FTP Download' box or 'Disable MWS download' box first, otherwise the file you place in the local IN folder may be overwritten by a file downloaded from your FTP.

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