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A common issue occurs where Sage is installed on a network and Tradebox cannot find the Sage data. This usually becomes apparent when you go to select the Sage company in the Tradebox setup and the company you want isn't there. There are a number of reasons why this could happen but the most common is because Tradebox cannot read the path to your Sage data.


The path to each Sage company is held within a local file on each PC Sage is installed upon. This is called the Sage COMPANY file. The file will be held in each version sub folder. So if you have had previous Sage versions installed on the PC, a folder will be created in the local Sage data folder for each of them. The path to the local Sage data folder is located as follows:

  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8:  C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts
  • Windows XP:  C:\Documents and settings\all users\application data\Sage\Accounts

In this location you will see sub folders for each version of Sage that have been installed on the PC at any time. Tradebox reads the highest folder, as illustrated:




Double click on the highest version folder (in the example above this is 2013). The Sage COMPANY file will be located her, as follows:




Double click on the file and open in Notepad (if prompted to choose a program). The COMPANY file will provide a list of Sage companies and the paths to them, and may look something like this:



In this example, we have highlighted the company on the network which is located on the S drive. If Tradebox cannot find your Sage data on the network it is because it is having difficulty finding the mapped drive letter. This can be overcome by substituting the Drive letter path with the UNC path. The UNC path for the above example is \\Tbdataserver\s\Sage\Accounts\COMPANY.001. This is the same location, just another way to express it that Tradebox finds easier to read.

The quickest way to determine the UNC path is to navigate to the Sage data via the Network link in Windows Explorer and then click into the Address Bar at the top of the screen. The UNC path can then be copied.

Once done substitute the path to your Sage data in the COMPANY file with the UNC path, so it looks like:




Then Save the COMPANY file and try to connect Tradebox with Sage again.




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