Re-pointing Tradebox to Sage

In some circumstances you may wish to ensure Tradebox is pointing at the correct Sage data folder, such as when you upgrade Sage or relocate to another PC. The following instructions will guide you through this:


  1. In Sage select SettingsAccess Rights (if Access Rights does not appear as an option choose SettingsCompany PreferencesParameters and tick the Access Rights box first)
  2. Take a note of the username and password in Sage for the user that has been setup exclusively for Tradebox.
  3. In Tradebox choose Sales Channels from the Information menu.
  4. Click on the Change Sage Company button from the bottom of the screen
  5. From the dialog box select the Sage company you wish to pass data to for the selected connection
  6. Enter the Sage Logon Name and password created in Sage for Tradebox
  7. Select OK.
  8. Repeat for each connection.




Note:  If the data for all connections in the Sales Channel List are going to the same company in Sage then simply tick the Apply to All Sales Channels and then choose OK.

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