Amazon orders not importing

"My Amazon sales are not being imported into Sage"


This is a commonly received issue and occurs often because of a lack of understanding of how Tradebox integrates with Amazon. The purpose of this article is to explain how Tradebox interacts with Amazon and provide a 'trouble shoot' list of things to explore if your sales do not appear in Sage.


The first thing to understand is that Tradebox imports sales from the Amazon Order File which needs to be downloaded into a folder on the user's PC or network first. The creation and downloading of the file can be done either manually or automatically by Tradebox if the user creates and enters their Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) details into the connection. See Requesting an Amazon Order Report, or, Setting up MWS.


When Tradebox reads the Amazon Order Report it looks for the Amazon marketplace which is recorded against each order in the file, i.e. Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon DE etc. When an Amazon connection is established in Tradebox, the user needs to specify which Amazon marketplace the connection is for. Tradebox will only import sales from the Amazon Order Report that matches the marketplace the connection was set up for. If the Amazon Order Report is requested manually it is essential that the user ticks the “Include Sales Channel Column” box on the Amazon Order Reports screen.


If MWS has been set up in the Amazon connection in Tradebox then the software will electronically request the creation of an Amazon Order file. This is done routinely by the Tradebox scheduler and is set to happen every 40 minutes by default. The scheduler cannot immediately download the Order Report it requests because Amazon takes time to generate the Order Report. Often users believe the software isn't downloading sales because it has not immediately imported sales from Amazon.


Once an Amazon Order Report has been placed into the local Amazon IN folder (either manually or by the Tradebox Scheduler) it can be imported by Tradebox and passed to Sage. This can be done on demand by selecting the Download option from the Operations menu. Alternatively, Tradebox can be configured to routinely interrogate the Amazon IN folder by selecting the Settings option in the Configuration menu.


Trouble Shoot List

  1. When the import happens the Operations Log details how many transactions are imported and how many invoices have been created in Sage. It will also alert the user in bold red letters if there were any errors during the download. If there were errors, look in the error log to see what the problem is.
  2. Is there an Amazon Order Report in the Amazon IN folder?
  3. Has the correct report been downloaded into the Amazon IN folder?
  4. If so, ensure the Amazon Order Report is closed prior to import.
  5. Ensure no other files or folders appear in the Amazon IN folder other than Amazon Order Reports.
  6. If the Amazon Order Report has been created manually was the “Include Sales Channel Column” box ticked on Amazon first? If not the Amazon Order Report will NOT contain a valid Amazon Marketplace.
  7. If the Amazon Order Report is being created by the Tradebox Scheduler have you left enough time for Tradebox to recover the Amazon Order Report? Open the Tradebox Scheduler and run the process manually. Now look in the Amazon IN folder to see if the file has downloaded.
  8. If Tradebox reports that the sales have been imported into Sage but you can't find them, try going to the Sage invoice list/Sales Order List and clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner. This toggles any filters on and off that may have been applied to the Sage list and are preventing you from seeing the invoices/orders that have been created.


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