Amazon FBA - important differences

Tradebox imports Amazon orders using files created by Amazon. Generally there are 2 specific files types; Standard Amazon Order files and Amazon FBA files.

There are a number of differences between the standard files and the FBA files; both in structure, format and how Tradebox can deal with them. The following article discusses how Tradebox deals with Amazon FBA files. 

The 2 main differences are:

  1. FBA files can only be collected electronically if you set up a dedicated Amazon FBA connection in Tradebox and enter your MWS connection details. If you are processing your FBA sales through a standard Amazon connection in Tradebox you will need to collect the FBA order file manually and save it into the local IN folder.
  2. The product price in an FBA file can be either the unit price or the total line price. It is essential that the user establishes which price type their FBA file has before using Tradebox. You can do this by finding a line with a quantity greater then 1 and looking at the Item Price.


Downloading FBA Files

a)     In Amazon Seller Central, select Reports

b)    Select the Fulfilment by Amazon tab

c)     Choose Amazon Fulfilled Shipments from the Report drop down box

d)    Determine how many days worth of data you wish to have in the report

e)     Click on the Request Download button

f)     When the report is ready it will appear in the report grid below. Choose Download and save the file into the Amazon In Folder.


IMPORTANT:  Save the FBA file directly into the IN folder. Do not open.


Price Type

Tradebox always needs to calculate a unit price to create line entries in a Sage invoice. Generally the Item price in most FBA files in the total line price, i.e. if you sell widgets at £1 each and 3 have been purchased, the Item price will read £3.


When setting up an Amazon connection Tradebox will ask if the "FBA price is total". If the Item price in the FBA file combines the unit prices together (as above) then you need to tick this checkbox to confirm the price format in the FBA file. If the price in the FBA file is per unit then ensure the checkbox is not ticked.





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