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"When I do a download for Amazon or Play, after opening Tradebox, no orders are imported?"


For Amazon and Play integrations, Tradebox has a separate Scheduler program that is designed to request Amazon & Play Order files and also download these files into the required local IN folders on the user's PC or network.

The Scheduler program automatically launches when the Tradebox program is opened and will sit within the PC's system tray.




Upon opening Tradebox the Scheduler will automatically launch and immediately send a request to Amazon or Play for the creation of a new order report. However, the Scheduler CANNOT Download the report it requests in this event because Amazon and Play do not immediately make the file available. Instead, the Scheduler downloads the last report it previously created.

This means that upon opening Tradebox and running a download the orders from Amazon and Play may not immediately appear. By default, the Scheduler is programmed to request a new order report every 30 minutes which means these sales can take 30 minutes to become available.


I don't want to wait 30 minutes to download my sales!!


OK. If you don't want to wait you can send a manual request to download the order report, rather than waiting. Please be aware, as stated above, that the creation of the files on both Amazon and Play are not immediate. It will take these platforms a few minutes to deal wit the initial request (sent automatically when Tradebox is opened) and populate the order report you want to download.

To manually download the report:

  1. Right click on the Tradebox Scheduler in the system tray
  2. From the pop up menu choose 'Open Scheduler'
  3. At the bottom of the Scheduler screen choose 'Process Now'
  4. A script will appear stating that a new report has been requested and the last report downloaded.
  5. Select the 'Hide' button to minimise the Scheduler

The order report gets downloaded to the local IN folder. Select Download from the Operations menu for Tradebox to gather the file from the IN folder and import the orders.








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