Permissions Issues

Sometimes the Tradebox program can be prevented from reading or writing to its own database because of permission issues. Where permission issues are encountered Tradebox will generally issue a warning along the lines of: 


Tradebox was unable to update the table TBL_Settings for the following reason:.....


Effectively, Tradebox is informing you that something within the environment upon which the software is installed is preventing it from connecting to its own database. This is not an issue or fault with the Tradebox software but a problem with the environment in which Tradebox is operating. This type of intervention is usually caused by:

  • Anti virus software
  • Access Rights
  • User Account Control (UAC) settings being set too high 
This is an advisory article and Tradebox accept no responsibility for any changes you may make to your operating system or installed programs. If in doubt consult your IT administrator/consultant.


Anti Virus Software

Anti Virus (AV) software can often interrupt the operation of Tradebox by closing the Tradebox database when running routine scans. Where this happens you may get a message in Tradebox saying that Tradebox couldn't write to its database because it was read only. This may be because the database has been placed into a read only state as your AV software runs a scan.

To prevent this from happening you can exclude the Tradebox Program Folder and the Tradebox Data Folder from the AV software scan. You confirm the location of these folders look in the Support page of the Tradebox program.


Access Rights

It is difficult to advise on access rights as these are many and varied and can be changed for user roles and also location access, especially where operating in a network environment. An article dealing with Windows USER permissions for Windows 8 can be found at


UAC Settings

In most cases the above issue can be resolved by lowering the UAC level in the Control Panel of the PC because Tradebox does not support UAC. Users should take advice first from their network/IT administrators and gain permission before changing UAC levels, which can be achieved as follows:

  1. Close all applications and programs on the PC
  2. Navigate to the PC Control Panel
  3. From the 'View by' option in the top right hand corner choose to see small icons
  4. Choose User Accounts
  5. Choose Change user Account Control settings.
  6. Slide the bar to Never Notify at the bottom of the screen. Select OK and then reboot the PC.



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