Refunds & Returns

Does Tradebox handle refunds or returns?

This is such a common question we though it was worthwhile creating a comprehensive article with a full explanation.

This quick answer is NO.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the platforms we integrate with generally don't provide us with information on refunds, cancellations or returns which makes the idea of creating automatic credits in Sage a bit of a non starter.

However, even if the platforms did provide this information it would still be almost impossible for Tradebox to automate the creation of entries in Sage. This is because there are so many possibilities with a refund. Was it for the full amount or a partial amount? Was all the stock in the order returned? Were only a few items returned? Which items were they? Was the shipping amount reimbursed or the sales amount? In nearly all cases the manual involvement by the end user would be necessary to determine what kind of refund has occurred.

In contrast sales information is definitive. We know when the sale happened, what was in the order, what the billing and shipping details where, the payment method, the shipping method etc. This allows us to create invoices/orders automatically in Sage.

Sage Accounts contains all the features necessary to generate a refund and manage all of the possibilities which is why Tradebox haven't created any functionality to do so. We would effectively be creating a manual method of refund that would replace a manual method of refund.

 The best tip we would suggest is to maintain 'notional' bank accounts in Sage. For example if you trade on Amazon UK, create an 'Amazon UK bank' in Sage Accounts. You can configure Tradebox (through Payment Method Mapping) to auto allocate all Amazon invoices created by Tradebox to the Amazon bank. This means that when you update the Amazon invoices created by Tradebox the 'Amazon bank' is credited with Sales Receipts (SR). In much the same way all fees and refunds can be manually processed in Sage and allocated to the 'Amazon bank'. When the money from Amazon is received in your actual high street bank, you can reflect this by running an inter bank transfer in Sage from the 'Amazon bank' to the bank in Sage that reflects your high street bank (in most cases this is the 1200 bank). 

In terms of running a refund there are a number of ways to do this in Sage. We would recommend speaking with your accountant for best advice or to Sage UK on determine the best strategies for running refunds. More information on refund can be found in the Help section of Sage Accounts.



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