Resending orders to Sage a 2nd time

One of the fundamental rules in the Tradebox program is that it doesn't duplicate your orders in Sage Accounts. It maintains this integrity by checking  its database to see if an order already exists before it downloads it. If the order does exist in the Tradebox database then it is ignored. If the order doesn't exist then Tradebox will download it and create the appropriate entry in Sage Accounts.


However, there are situations where you may want Tradebox to recreate entries in Sage a second time for orders it has previously downloaded. A good example of this scenario is where a backup of Sage is restored, overwriting all of the days entries made by Tradebox in Sage. By default, Tradebox won't download these orders again because they already exist in its database, even though they no longer exist in Sage.


There are a number of ways to get Tradebox to repost orders:


Only a few orders

If its only a few orders that need recreating in Sage then the quickest way to do this is to repost them individually, as follows:

  • In Tradebox, select Orders from the Information menu
  • This will generate the following dialog box:




  • Choose the Sales Channel where the orders originated
  • Choose to see orders that have been Posted to Sage
  • You can also apply a date range to filter the results and have the results sorted by Order Number or in Date order
  • In the resulting grid select the orders you wish to resend to Sage by ticking the Select box and then click the Reset button at the bottom of the screen
  • Confirm you do wish to reset the selected orders
  • Upon completion of the reset process, choose the Post to Sage option from the Operations menu.


Quite a lot of orders

Where you have quite a lot of orders you wish to recreate in Sage then you may wish to do a bulk reset. This is achieved by selecting Reset Sage Postings option from the Maintenance menu which will generate the following dialog box:



The dialog box provides a number of options to allow you to choose a range of orders to resend to Sage:

  • Where the Sage invoice/order number is greater than x
  • Where the Sage invoice/order number is between x and y
  • Where the sale date is greater than x
  • Where the sale date is between x and y
  • Which sales channel to apply these to

Once you have selected your criteria, choose OK and then confirm you wish to proceed. Upon completion of the reset function Tradebox will ask if you now wish to post to Sage.





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