eBay token has expired

"Your Authorisation token is hard expired."

"Your eBay token has expired and needs to be renewed."

"Tradebox was unable to retrieve a token from eBay...."


When you initially setup a connection in Tradebox to eBay you will go through an authorisation process on eBay to allow Tradebox to connect to your eBay account. This creates what eBay call a 'Token'. eBay automatically expires tokens every 18 months or when you change your eBay password. When an eBay token expires Tradebox will generate an error saying "Your eBay token has expired and needs to be renewed.". To renew your eBay token you need to do the following:


  1. In the Sales Channel List ensure the ID name of the eBay connection is the same as your eBay ID. If it isn't, double click on the connection, select the Change Channel ID button and change the Sales Channel name to the exact same name as the eBay ID.
  2. In the Sales Channel List select the eBay connection by left clicking on it once.
  3. Then choose the Renew Authorisation button at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a prompt screen within Tradebox, don't action this until you've given access in eBay. Within a few seconds, your default web browser will fire up and take you to the eBay login page.
  4. Login to eBay, select the  'I agree' button and then close the eBay web page.
  5. Go back to Tradebox and you will see a prompt screen. Click on OK




Repeat for every eBay connection in the Sales Channel List.

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