Upgrading Sage – Changes Required

If you upgrade to a new version of Sage you will need to do the following to ensure Tradebox works without issue:


Upgrade to the latest version of Tradebox 

This is often required because you may be using a version of Tradebox that was written before the version of Sage you want to upgrade to. The current version of Tradebox will always be compatible with the latest version of Sage, so upgrading Tradebox is always a good idea. A full set of instructions to upgrade to the latest version of Tradebox can be found here.

Enable 3rd Party Integration in Sage 

    1. In Sage 50 Accounts, go to helpabout and make a note of your version number
    2. Go to Tools > Activation > Enable 3rd Party Integration.
    3. This will take you to a screen prompting you for a serial number and activation key. These keys can be found below:

      Sage version Serial Number Activation Key

      Note that for versions up to v20, Sage provide a unique SDO key for each user. These are not the same as your Sage software serial number and activation key. To obtain an SDO key for v20 or lower, call Sage on 0845 111 5555.
    4. Enter the keys into the boxes on the screen and select Continue
    5. Repeat on every installation of Sage.


Re-pointing Tradebox to Sage 

  1. In Sage select SettingsAccess Rights (if Access Rights does not appear as an option choose SettingsCompany PreferencesParameters and tick the Access Rights box first)
  2. Take a note of the username and password in Sage for the user that has been setup exclusively for Tradebox.
  3. In Tradebox choose Sales Channels from the Information menu.
  4. Left click once on the first connection in the Sales Channel List to select the connection
  5. Click on the Change Sage Company button from the bottom of the screen
  6. From the dialog box select the Sage company you wish to pass data to for the selected connection
  7. Enter the Sage Logon Name and password created in Sage for Tradebox
  8. Select OK.
  9. Repeat for each connection.



Note:  If the data for all connections in the Sales Channel List are going to the same company in Sage then simply tick the Apply to All Sales Channels and then choose OK.

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