Product Mapping Errors

Could not update sale XXXXXXXXXXXX as Tradebox was unable to find the relevant product record - (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)


In order to create Product Invoices or Sales Orders in Sage, Tradebox needs to be able to map the products sold online to the correct products in Sage. This is done by creating and maintaining a Product Mapping Table within each connection in Tradebox.


Product Mapping tables are specific to each connection in the software and hold the relationships between all of the products on a marketplace/website and the products in Sage. Generally these relationships are held between the Online SKU and the Sage Product Code, albeit relationships can be formed between the online product title and the Sage Product Code.


Where the Online SKU and the Sage Product Code are IDENTICAL this relationship is automatically created in the Product Mapping Table.


If the SKU and the Sage Product Code are NOT IDENTICAL Tradebox will issue the above error at the end of the download/import.


To overcome this issue, do the following:


  1. In Tradebox, select Error Corrections either from the bottom of the Error Log screen or via the link in the Operations section of the left hand menu.
  2. All the un-posted sales will be listed - for each sale, select the relevant Sage Product in the Product column and select the 'Add Mapping' check box.
  3. Choose Save and the mappings will be remembered for the future and you'll be given the option to post the corrected transactions to Sage.


If the Online SKU field is blank, the downloaded item can be matched to a product in Sage but no mapping can be saved for future use as it is not possible to match a blank field to a Sage Product Code.



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