Payment Mapping Errors

A common issue that occurs in Tradebox is Payment Mapping. This is simply where Tradebox has downloaded an order with a payment method that the program has never encountered before. Usually this occurs where the platform doesn't have a fixed list of payment methods, such as a website. The first time Tradebox encounters a payment method it will generate the following issue:

""Could not update sale XXXXXXXXX as Tradebox was unable to find a bank account for the payment method, please add a mapping for the payment method - YYYYYYYYYY"

To overcome this issue, do the following: 

  1. In Tradebox, go the Sales Channel List and double click on the relevant Sales Channel - this will open the Sales Channel Record screen.
  2. On the left hand side, click on the Payment Mapping link.
  3. The new payment method will be listed. Every method listed in the screen needs to have a Bank Account chosen from the list in Sage and a Reference, otherwise the payment mapping errors will re-occur. Make sure the bank account you're choosing is in the appropriate currency for this sales channel.
  4. For payment methods that you do want to raise an automatic customer receipt tied to the Sage invoice, tick the SR (Sales Receipt) box. For any methods that you do not want to raise a receipt in Sage and instead leave the invoice outstanding, leave SR unticked. Some sales channels also have  a DL box (controlling whether the payment information is downloaded from the marketplace) - tick or leave unticked as with the SR box based on whether you wish that method to raise receipts in Sage or not. Once you're done, choose Save.
  5. Click on Post to Sage option from the Operations menu and the transaction will now be updated to Sage.




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