Sage Logon Name Conflict

A common error that can occur when using Tradebox is a Sage username logon conflict. This generates the following error:


Unable to commence download for Sales Channel XXXXXXXX for the following reason: Cannot connect to Sage Accounts as the supplied logon name (xxxxxxxx) is in use.


When setting up a connection in Tradebox you need to provide the connection with an existing Sage username. We recommend creating a username in Sage exclusively for use by the Tradebox program. This doesn’t count against your user allocation in Sage as the Sage username utilised by Tradebox is in affect free. Don’t provide Tradebox with the MANAGER username as this will inevitably lead to the above conflict.


The conflict arises when the Sage username being utilised by Tradebox is logged into Sage. The same username cannot be logged into Sage more than once, hence the conflict. Sometimes the username may not be logged in to Sage but Sage believes it is, so the conflict still arises. This can occur after Sage has crashed or the program was not shut down properly.


There are 2 ways to resolve this conflict:


  1. Simply log into Sage using the username in question. This should generate a prompt asking you to remove the user as they are already logged in.
  2. The second option is a little more forceful. Please follow these steps exactly:
    • Ensure all users are logged out of Sage
    • In Tradebox, go to the Sales Channel List
    • At the bottom of the screen, click on the button entitled Delete Queue File
    • Open Sage and log in. This step is essential before using Tradebox

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