Relocating Tradebox onto new PC

Sometimes you may need to relocate Tradebox from one PC to another. This shouldn't be confused with networking Tradebox which entails sharing the database between 2 or more PC's. Instructions on networking Tradebox can be found in another article. These instructions are simply to move Tradebox from one PC to another PC. 


  1. In Tradebox, on the original PC, select Back Up from the Maintenance menu. It is recommended that you do a full back up. Save the backup file onto a USB stick or shared network drive.
  2. Ensure Sage Accounts is installed on the new PC and that it shares the same Sage data as the original PC.
  3. In Sage ensure 3rd Party integration has been enabled.
  4. Download Finance Manager from the Tradebox website.
  5. When downloaded allow the Tradeboxsetup.exe to run.
  6. Select the Unzip box.
  7. When the installation wizard has finished click on: StartProgramsTradeboxTradebox Finance Manager to run the application.
  8. Restore the Tradebox backup in Tradebox by selecting the Restore option from the Maintenance menu.
  9. In Tradebox go to the Sales Channel List
  10. Choose the Change Sage Company button from the bottom of the screen
  11. In the screen generated ensure the connection is pointing at the correct Sage company and that you provide the correct Sage username and password that was previously created in Sage for Tradebox. 
  12. Tick the "Apply to all Sales Channels" (if available) and choose OK.


If any of the connections in Tradebox feed from local folders (such as Amazon, Linnworks or bespoke CSV connections) you will need to create Input, Output (and for Amazon, Shipped) folders on the new PC/Network and ensure that each relevant connection is pointing at the IN and OUT folders.


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