Upgrading Sage - Changes Required

If you upgrade to a new version of Sage you will need to do the following to ensure Tradebox works without issue:

 Note - These instructions apply to Tradebox One. If you're using Tradebox Finance Manager, click here.


Upgrade to the latest version of Tradebox 

This is often required because you may be using a version of Tradebox that was written before the version of Sage you want to upgrade to. The current version of Tradebox will always be compatible with the latest version of Sage, so upgrading Tradebox is always a good idea. A full set of instructions to upgrade to the latest version of Tradebox One can be found here.


Enable 3rd Party Integration in Sage

Tradebox integrates with Sage Accounts using the Sage Data Objects (SDO) tools. This activation in Sage is version-specific, so you will need to re-enable after upgrading. Click here for our guide and the activation keys you should use.


Re-pointing Tradebox to Sage 

  1. From the same PC you use Tradebox on, open Sage and log in to the relevant company as Manager. Go to Help > About and make a note of your Version Number and Data Directory from the Program Details section.
  2. In Sage select Settings > Access Rights (if Access Rights does not appear as an option choose Settings > Company Preferences > Parameters and tick the Access Rights box first)
  3. You should have the users TBUSER and TBSERVICE in the list of Sage logons. If they don't exist, create them now. If these logons have a password and you need to check what this is, highlight the logon and click Edit.
  4. In Tradebox go to the Channels screen. Double click the first sales channel in the list to open it.
  5. Go to the Accounts tab within the channel. At this point, Tradebox will try to connect to your Sage data. Click on the Connection tab.
  6. Make sure:
    • The correct Sage company is showing in the Company box.
    • The Data Folder matches your Sage Data Directory from Step 1. 
    • The Version matches the first digits of your Sage Version Number from step 1.
    • The Logon Names show TBUSER and TBSERVICE. If a password was applied to those logins in Step 3, make sure this is entered.
    • Click Connect To Sage.

Troubleshooting the Sage connection

  • If you need to amend any details in Step 6 but the Connect To Sage button already shows Connected: refresh the connection by choosing a different Company from the dropdown (e.g. Demo Data), then re-select your desired company from the dropdown.
  • If you can't see your company from the dropdown in step 6, select the option 'Could not read Sage Company, please browse for data instead'. Click the browse icon Search.PNG and then navigate to your Sage data. If you're doing this across a network, you should do this within the Network option in Windows, rather than by using a mapped drive as this is more stable and less prone to connection issues (or copy/paste the UNC path or IP address path to the Sage data). Browse as far as the ACCDATA folder listed as your Sage Data Directory. Within this folder, select the SETUP.DTA file which contains the Sage company details. Complete the rest of the Connection tab as detailed above in step 6.

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