Pre-Release Version 1.0.70622.0 - Published On 22/06/2017

The latest version of Tradebox is V 1.0.70622.0, published on 22/06/2017. You can select Support in the software to check which version of the program you currently have installed.

This build contains the following changes:

  • The Tradebox Data Service can now only run on one specified PC if networked
  • Amazon orders with a status of cancelled can no longer be downloaded
  • Accounts links can now be removed per channel instead of all at once
  • Orders will not post to Sage if the sales channel is deactivated
  • Changes to ensure credit notes will not post to Sage if their linked order hasn't posted
  • Changes to the 'Use Magento Customer ID' option
  • Net prices from EKM can now be handled
  • Minor bug fixes

To enable the service on this version, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the PC on which you want the service to run on - we recommend this is the PC where the data is held
  2. Close any existing instances of the service
  3. Open the program and go to Configuration -> Preferences where there is a new setting 'Run on this Machine' - tick the box, save and then close the program and reopen.
  4. The service will now run on the PC.
  5. To run the service on another PC, you must deselect the option on the existing PC before you can enable it on another.

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