Order Packing List

In Tradebox One, the Order Packing List can be generated from the Orders List by clicking Print -> Order Packing List.

You will be asked to select the criteria you wish to see on your packing list.


You can select a range of orders manually and choose to include only that selection, or you can filter by Sales Channel,Download Date or Order Date.


By default, once an order has been included on a packing list, it will not appear again to avoid orders being picked more than once. However, you can override this using the ‘Include Previously Packed’ tick box.

The Output option allows you to either preview the packing list, or to send it directly to the printer.

Memorise Selections will remember what you choose when you first generate a packing list, so that you don’t have to repeat the choices for subsequent packing lists.

When the packing list is generated, each order is displayed individually with the following information:

Customer: Customer Shipping Name

Order ID: Tradebox Order Number

Shipping: Shipping Method

Sage No.: Invoice/Sales order number from Sage

Deliver to: Customer Delivery Address

Message: Customer Message

SKU: The Tradebox SKU or the Sage stock code

Item Description: Tradebox description or Sage description

Location: The location entered on either the Sage or Tradebox product record.

Quantity Required: The quantity ordered. Note, if there are any product mappings where quantity multipliers are used, the quantity on the order will be multiplied to reflect that.

Quantity Picked: A field where the quantity picked can be entered.

All fields can come from Sage or Tradebox depending on what you have set for Inventory in Configuration -> Preferences.


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