The Maintenance Screen

The Maintenance screen can be accessed by clicking on the Maintenance link in the top right hand corner of the software.

The screen is split into three sections:



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These options relate to your Tradebox database.

Backup Database: Take a backup of your Tradebox data 

Relocate Database: Move the Tradebox data to another location, for example on to a server so that the data can be shared across multiple machines

Restore Database: Restore Tradebox to a previously taken backup

Security: Password protect your Tradebox data or change your password

Repair and Compact: This is a 'spring clean' for your database, which will help optimise performance, especially after deleting any data.

User List: Shows the users currently logged on to Tradebox.

Rebuild Data Tables: This option is used to delete large amounts of data quickly and is best used under instruction from Tradebox support. This process is not reversible so taking a backup beforehand is strongly advised.


Export File Formats: This option allows you to choose from a range of fields to use for exporting data from Tradebox and set up a format to use for exporting that data.

Export Orders: Once an export file format has been set up, this option allows you to export orders from Tradebox in your chosen format. 

Edit Layouts: Make changes to the Layouts for address labels and invoices.

Duplicated Customers: Automatically detects customer records which may be duplicates and allows them to be merged together. 

Recalculate Figures: This procedure will go through your database and recalculate all figures to ensure reports and turnover are presented accurately.

Accounts Links

Reset Order Postings: This option can be used to instruct Tradebox to post orders to your accounts for a second time. To be used if, for example, you restored a backup into your accounts software and needed to re-post sales that exist in Tradebox but not in the accounts. Best used under instruction from Tradebox support.

Reset Fee Postings: Sometimes you may need to post fees to your accounts for a second time, for example if you've restored an older backup. This option will reset them so that they can be reposted.


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