Tradebox Pricing

Tradebox pricing is based solely upon the number of channels the user needs to create in the software to link to their online platforms.


It is NOT based upon the number of people who use the software or the number of PC's the software is installed upon.


Each channel established in the software can only process orders with a single currency.  This means if you sell on a website in GBP, USD and EUR then you will need to create 3 separate channels in Tradebox to download all orders.


Each Amazon platform (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, CA etc) will require a separate channel creating in Tradebox.


Tradebox connects to eBay ID's. If you trade over more than 1 eBay ID you will need to create a channel for each of them. eBay automatically provides a GBP equivalent price for all non-GBP sales allowing a single channel in Tradebox. If you wish to separate sales by country you can do this by duplicating the channel linked to the same eBay ID and filtering by country.

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